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Working in the Age of Collaboration !

Create a Coaching Culture 

The Collaboration Game™ is a one day experiential training simulation that introduces people to an operating platform for practicing genuine collaborative teamwork on the job.  

LEAP is a 12-month leadership development training program that teaches best practices and leadership fundamentals to inspire, engage and re-energize accomplished and aspiring leaders. See LEAP Page on navigation bar under Leadership Development for more details.

Situational Leadership® II (SLII®)is the most widely taught leadership model in the world.  SLII creates a shared process, language, and model for building leadership across all levels of an organization.  The new learning design, The SLII Experience™, uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly, deeply and effectively.  The outcome is that learners get up-to-speed and starting using SLII faster than ever before.

What's Your NEED ?.

       COACHING IS ABOUT your Development

​Winsor is a certified facilitator of the Polaris Competency Model 

Develop competence, gain commitment, and retain talent​

Introducing Polaris® Competency model

Winsor is a certified facilitator in SLII and licensed Channel Partner

"Two-thirds of CEO's do not receive outside leadership coaching, but nearly all want it."

Source:  Deloitte Global Capital Trends Survey, 2014

Developing leadership capacity is an assignment we welcome! 

Looking for your next speaker ?

Develop Coaching Skills

ICF Credentialed Coach Advantage !

Introducing The Collaboration Game™ 

We use Organizational Systems International's Polaris® Competency Model for helping organizations develop talent. Applications include: leadership development, executive & leadership coaching; team development; organization development and behavior based interviewing.

​​​​The Collaboration Game™ leverages Winsor's Award Winning Book, The Collaborator: Discover Soccer as a Metaphor for Global Business Leadership.​


LEAP  Cohort starting in Portland in 2017 !

WHY develop Team Collaboration ?

Winsor Jenkins is President of WINSOR JENKINS & Associates, LLC, based in Portland, OR.

SOLVING talent development challenges

BENEFITS of Using A Coach !

Winsor received his training at the Hudson Institute of Coaching - and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Winsor is a certified facilitator for LEAP and licensed Program Manager

"We believe there is a compelling need for 21st century organizations to teach people how to effectively collaborate on teams.  Most people don't function with a mindset that supports genuine team collaboration.  The typical mindset supports 'group work' that is more about cooperating and coordinating with others."

Program UPDATE !

The Collaboration Game™​ for Healthcare™

Our new team development program has been customized for the healthcare industry.  We plan to continue to customize the program for various clients and industries, as requested.  ​​​

The state of leadership development continues to be a top priority across the business landscape.  For example:

    1. The top issue identified by business and HR leaders is Leadership            Development (See: Deloitte's Global Capital Trends Survey, 2014)

     2. Developing the next generation of organizational leaders is seen as          # 1 challenge by C-Suite executives. (See: Business & Human      

        Capital Challenges Now and In The Future, SHRM 2015)

     3. Managers account for 70% of the variance in employee

         engagement scores (See: Gallup, 2012)     


Lake Oswego, OR 07035

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Along with his trusted associates, Winsor is dedicated to developing both current & emerging leaders to achieve results. Clients see new possibilities and positive lasting change in behavior through coaching, team development and organizational development initiatives. 

Winsor is an accomplished business partner who served in senior HR positions, including VP-HR, in three Public companies over a 30 year career. As a leader and ICF Credentialed Coach, he contributed to the professional development of business executives, including HR managers. He brings a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve mid-to-executive-level leadership in today's changing business landscape.  His passion is in the leadership development arena - including coaching.

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​Winsor knows how to add value from a client's point of view.  He has a rich year history working in senior level leadership roles across 3 Public companies - where he successfully managed a wide variety of talent development challenges!  Along with Executive Coaching, his expertise includes:  Leadership Development, Team Development - Collaborative Leadership, Training Facilitation, OD and Performance Consulting.   

Developing People, Teams & Organizations to Achieve Results