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Profiles xt 

This report identifies and makes full use of strenghts, identifying an awareness of areas that could be limiting your effectiveness.

CheckPointe 360 

This report focuses on 8 universal management competencies, asking

raters to report their observations using frequency as the scale of measurement. .

emotional intelligence 360

survey feedback report

This report gives you an opportunity to compare how you and others see your emotional intelligence.

myers-briggs type indicator (Mbti)

what is your type?

The MBTI is one of the most reliable and valid self-report personality inventories available.

polaris 360

survey feedback report

This report gives you an opportunity to compare how you and others see your performance on a set of benchmark competencies.

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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode

This report identifies the repertoire of conflict-handling modes you use in the kinds of conflicts you face.

Emotional Intelligence Profile

This report is developed specifically with the workplace

in mind, based on a six part framework.

emotional intelligence


The EQ-2.0 model of emotional intelligence produces an overall snapshot of one's emotional intelligence.

coaching assessments

Winsor blends his extensive background in business to coach clients.  This may include the application of various training tools / exercises and personal assessments, as needed.  He is certified in a number of assessments used in coaching - including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Profiles XT (Personality); EQi2.0 and Emotional Intelligence Profile; Polaris 360, CheckPointe 360 and EQ360; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument; and Disc.

However, the gist of his coaching approach is to listen for the purpose of learning about the client's situation, ask questions for the purpose of helping the client discover barriers to change and challenge appropriately for the purpose of shifting the client's thinking to open up new possibilities.  He firmly believes that good coaches - like good leaders - transcend technique and focus on the relationship when it comes to working with clients.