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The process of coaching clients is highly individualized.  This includes:

  1.   Coaching one-on-one (personal and executive coaching)
  2.   Coaching teams (team development)
  3.   Coaching organizations (groups and/or organization development)

Typically Winsor uses the Hudson Institute's coaching process for one-on-one coaching applications - both personal coaching and executive coaching - see below.

For team coaching applications, Winsor typically leverages his leadership development and training background. Because team development is an application where change is required, a process orientation for managing the desired change is required.  For example, Winsor may suggest training teams in The Ken Blanchard Companies' program, Situational Team Leadership, as a first step for establishing a process (or foundation) for coaching a team.

Organizational coaching typically falls into the category of performance consulting...and may deal with the issue of culture (development, change and the like).  See Performance Consulting Services for a summary description of applications.