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What's unique about winsor as a coach

1.     I am very passionate about coaching and leadership development applied at the individual, team and

        organizational levels.  My mission is to help my clients successfully navigate change...for achieving               results.

2.     I possess a strong service orientation.  This includes recognizing the importance of relationships when

        it comes to coaching people in order to build trust that can be leveraged for achieving results.

3.     I understand the need to view coaching as a discipline that requires ongoing learning in order to

        continue to grow (as a person and coach).  Having the requisite skills and certifications is embedded in         how I approach the coaching discipline.  This includes related tools and assessments used in the  

        process of coaching.

4.     ​I understand leadership in the context of business.  With 25 years of leadership experience at the​                 senior level, I fully recognize a leader's struggle to balance competing priorities for satisfying various   


5.     I understand leadership's conceptualterrain - and have committed to its ongoing learning via training,  

        writing and study.  That includes learning from the best along the way.

6.     I understand business acumen.  This comes from working in 3 public companies over a 30 year career.

7.     I understand how to navigate change in organizations.  My experience includes successfully

        implementing various human resources, safety and business initiatives in 3 public companies.

8.     ​I understand how to collaborate and work across boundaries to achieve results.  This approach is

        action-oriented and results driven.

9.     I understand how to coach managers at all levels in organizations.  This includes having a strong inside

        presence at the senior level over the past 25 years coaching senior managers and executives.