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Symphony training facilitated by Jeff and Winsor... Bossier City, LA

Situational Leadership II training facilitated by Jeff and Winsor...Atchison, KS

Gold of The Desert Kings training facilitated by Jeff, Jaime and Winsor...Portland, OR

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leadership development offerings

What does leadership development look like?  We believe in these operating principles:

1.     Development is not just a matter of acquired expertise, but rather a lifelong learning and educational                 process

2.     Development should represent a commitment to grow the person to help influence and improve                         performance results

3.     Development should be focused on individual strengths versus weaknesses

4.     Leadership training, while valuable, has its own limits; good leaders transcend technique

My leadership development training background is centered on the facilitation of various training programs that typically teach soft skills.  I hold training facilitation certifications for the following programs:

1.     Situational Leadership II and Building High Performing Teams from The Ken Blanchard Companies>

2.     Symphony, Coaching for Execution and Tempo from BST> and APG>

3.     Gold of The Desert Kings from Eagles Flight>

4.     Star-Select Interviewing Techniques from Organizational Systems International>

5.     DuPont STOP for Supervisor (and Employees) from DuPont Training Solutions>

6.     Advant-Edge from Alamo Learning Systems>

Below are descriptions of a few training programs readily available for developing leaders and teams.  Each option provides individuals, teams and organizations with the ability to leverage their investment across essential competencies.  These programs are highly experiential in order to fully engage participants in the learning process.


Situational Leadership® II is the most widely taught leadership model in the world.  SLII creates a shared process, language, and model for building leadership across all levels of an organization.  The new learning design, The SLII Experience™, uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively.  The outcome is that learners get up-to-speed and start using SLII faster than ever before. 


Symphony is a program that provides managers with a systems-thinking approach to leading effectively, especially through periods of change.  This program introduces a model for achieving consistency in organization.  It provides managers with a common language.  It also provides a strategy for aligning resources to enable people to be more efficient and effective.     


Coaching for Execution unlocks the power of a pragmatic, easy to use coaching model and four supporting principles. This program helps the coaches build trust and deal with their most difficult performance gaps.


Gold of the Desert Kings is a team-building simulation.  Participants discover how teamwork - combined with goal-setting, strategy and planning - help them achieve success.  Understanding the difference between activity and productivity and the importance of planning to achieve goals are two key learning outcomes from this program.


Tempo is a workshop for managers that helps participants better understand the nature of change from both their own personal perspective and as it impacts their challenges as a manager.


Star - Select Interviewing is a program that introuduces competency-based interviewing techniques, along with the basics of selection theory.​