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We believe that leadership is a question of character, not just performance and competence.  Dr. Howard Hendricks, who has written extensively on moral leadership, believes "there is no smaller package than a man wrapped up in himself."

The question of whether leaders are born or made (nature vs. nurture) has been debated over time.  The answer of course is both.  People come into leadership positions with god given-like talents that are not equal. Some people are better at leveraging these talents in leadership roles with little development.  Most however arrive in leadership roles through a combination of leveraging their talents, along with developing leadership skills.  Most believe that the leadership development platform in organizations across all levels looks like this:

     70% = Experienced Based (Planned or unplanned job assignments, including projects)

     20% = Coaching (and Mentoring) Programs

     10% = Training (Formal Degree Programs...Public Seminars...In-house training programs)

The conversation about management and leadership is another key area where a distinction needs to be made and applied.  "Doing things right" (management) and "doing the right thing" (leadership) are both needed when it comes to understanding the leadership development path.  The former is tied to one's competence (and performance) and the latter is tied to one's character as a leader.  To leverage "competence" without regard for "character" is highly typical - and problematic - in organizations.  For example, most of us have heard the story of the highly successful technical person who, once promoted into a leadership role, failed!  Why?  In most cases, the answer is directly related to leadership (including lack of skills...).

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