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Warren Bennis (left) pictured with Ken Blanchard in 2008 at the Ken Blanchard Client Conference in San Diego..

relationships matter

Developing authentic leaders in today's highly complex world where change, change and more change is the new norm starts with building one's self-awareness.  Why?  In the world of "relentless" change, today's leadership requires leaders who possess "self-awareness" in order to influence others where trust, for example, is grounded in the relationship.  Effective leadership requires bringing the whole person to the relationship to influence others for the purpose of achieving results.

Warren Bennis, Ph.D., one of the world's leading authorities on leadership, has stated numerous times in recent years that "leadership does make a tremendous difference" when it comes to achieving results.  HIs conclusion was made after studying the topic of leadership for the past six decades.  He has also gone on to say that, "leadership is about relationships" - and if he had to give everything up except for one thing when it comes to leadership...he would retain relationships!  In sum, leadership is number one and relationship building is number two when it comes to achieving results in organizations.

So what is a key ingredient for building relationships?  Like many others, we believe the answer is tied to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), otherwise described as self-awareness.  For example, EQ has been shown in various studies to account for more than 80% of the variation between mediocre and top performers.  According to Daniel Goldman, a leading expert in this area and author of the book, Emotional Intelligence, "self-awareness is critical to business success..."  The question of whether or not EQ can be developed has also been debated at times.  The consensus answer is yes.