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When playing The Collaboration Game, teams have the option to play the game against other teams in the room to win the Collaboration Cup (pictured left)!  This is a friendly competition that most team elect to play.

The Collaboration Game was developed using Winsor's award winning book, The Collaborator: Discover Soccer as a Metaphor for Global Business Leadership

Winsor's book can be purchased on Amazon

Pictured left is Nike's winning team with their trophies in a program offered in Portland, OR

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The Collaboration Game™ 

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Below are slides illustrating key parts of the The Collaboration Game:    

Pictured to your right, are teams playing the game from three of our programs.

The workshop is a highly experiential simulation that uses a board-game as a platform for teaching people how to lead with a collaborative mindset and manage using collaboration's competencies - or skill-set.

People are placed on small team who purpose is to function with a collaborative mindset and skill-set.  

Teams are challenged to discover win-win solutions to a series of business related scenarios that examine their mindset and skill-set.